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For any questions, or to send a contribution check in the mail please contact me at:

Due to Campaign Finance Law

For any contribution over $19.99 please include your name and address.

For contributions $100.00 or more please include your name, address,

occupation,and name of employer.

Also please include your phone number or email in case we have any questions

concerning your contribution.

No individual or committee approved by the Secretary of State to contribute to statewide campaigns may contribute over $400.00 during the election cycle, excepting small donor committees which are subject to separate contribution limits.

Contributions from corporations, labor organizations and foreign citizens are prohibited.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to make Colorado a better place to live.


Email Address*


Contact Information

David Dobson HD4

Phone: 720-425-5549



P.O. Box 140142

Denver, CO 80214

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