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Declaring My Position!


As your representative I will promote and support legislation and values that encourage the traditional family structure, for the purpose of procreation and to provide a loving and caring environment in which to raise children and care for the elderly.

The answer to many of our nation’s problems today is the reaffirmation of the value of traditional family structure in which to promote and encourage child rearing, and to discourage independent living apart from any inherent family structure. The [current] trend is to discourage child birth and to encourage the senior population to live independent of their families.

With the decline in child births there will naturally be less families, and as the senior population ages, and becomes less independent, there is a greater need for someone to care for them. The fastest growing industry in our nation at this time is senior care (people other than family members). These services are paid for by the recipient until their finances are diminished (leaving no inheritance for their children) and then government entitlements kick in. “All” funds for government entitlements come from the working class. With the decline in birth rates and an aging population, those of retirement age will soon outnumber the number of taxpayers.

The desire to be independent from our families begins with an abundantly prosperous nation and only ends with complete dependence upon the government, greater taxation on the working class, and will have devastating effects on our economy regardless of any economic philosophy apart from the traditional family structure that encourages and is conducive to procreation and child rearing. As a society we have already sowed the seed for economic decline through the devaluing of life and family. At this point all we can do is try to reverse this trend for the good of future generations.

Encouraging child rearing within the confines of marriage and the traditional role of our aging family members within the family structure is not only our moral obligation, but will be our national treasure.

God bless you,

and May you be fruitful & multiply,

David W. Dobson

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