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Declaring My Position!


The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The one true living God. The great I AM. YHVH!

And at this time when our religious liberties are being threatened, I find it necessary to add:

And Jesus the Messiah, King of the universe. He is God, and there is none else!

By Him all things were created and without Him was not anything made that was made.

This is the same God referred to as the “Creator” in the Declaration of Independence.

  As your Representative I will legislate in accordance with my religious beliefs and convictions, holding to principles founded upon the Word of God, and as set forth in the Constitution to once again secure our natural and God-given rights and liberties to ourselves and our posterity (future generations).

 At this time in American history we are now being asked, encouraged, and coerced to accept and approve of every sort of immorality, destructive policy, and the removal of any resemblance of Godly standards or Judeo-Christian values from society, through laws and legislation.

This nation was built by men and women of faith who fought and died that their posterity might “live”…. in a more just and free society. Freedom from oppression and persecution, and the liberty to think, speak, and act as one likes without hindrance except in the interests of public welfare. Not the liberty to think, speak and do, whatever one likes even when it deprives others of their own rights or is a detriment to society.

By the providence of God this nation was founded and since those early days we have certainly been blessed. But there are consequences for our choices. As our morals have declined greatly we now see that our own rights and freedoms are being jeopardized. A firm reliance upon Almighty God and a high moral standard by which to govern is necessary for the continued Divine protection of America.

I am asking you to make your choice….before God and man. I am not asking you to vote for a political party or another economic philosophy. I am asking you to vote for moral principle and the future of America. We have no guarantee; only hope for the future. Be courageous, take heart, and…..

May God Bless and Preserve

Colorado and the United States of America,

David W. Dobson

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