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Declaring My Position!

Pro-Life, Pro-Child, Pro-Personhood

The premise upon which this nation was founded is; that all men are created equal

with certain inalienable rights.

As Representative of House District 4 I intend to promote and support Personhood Rights for all people, as stated in the preamble’s to both the Colorado Constitution and the United States Constitution; ….. [to] secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity (future generations). I intend to take every opportunity to declare my position and I encourage all Candidates to do the same. I propose that we should vote for Candidates who fully intend to end abortion (for the good of our country) and to finally confront the most critical human rights issue of our day. Because…… Life is a Right, Abortion is Not!

Let me explain: A “Person” has certain inalienable rights. These rights are bestowed upon us by our Creator and the founding documents of this nation were written to secure these rights to all people. Yet, the courts of this nation have repeatedly determined that certain people groups are not “Person’s” under the construct of the constitution, i.e., blacks, American Indians, even women at one time, and now unborn children. And in the courts of Nazi Germany, it was determined that the Jewish people were not “Person’s”. This is what has been used repeatedly to oppress another people group. This is why I have joined the movement to….. Define a “Person” as a Human Being “Once” and for “All”.

The effect of legal abortion is more than a mere choice. Our children have been robbed of their right to live. Also, many who advocate abortion as a choice demand their own rights and freedoms. However, what we currently enjoy is an illusion of our rights. Because if all men are not created equal with certain inalienable rights (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness), then these are no longer rights at all but privileges bestowed upon us by the courts. And if a Human Being is not a “Person” then neither are we.

In addition, Abortion is bad for women’s health, bad for our economy, and we are killing the future of our nation, literally!

There is an undeniable link between abortion and breast cancer. While there is a “Race for the Cure”, a blind eye has been turned to the cause, and many of the donations collected for the cure have been used to fund Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider.

The birth rate in America and in many Christian Nations around the globe has now dropped below the replacement rate. This is called voluntary population control, and has been propagated by our political leaders, i.e., Contraception, which prevents a child, and Birth Control which prevents the birth of a child (including abortion). A Fact: a declining population equals a declining economy. The only way to sustain our economy along with a declining birth rate is through immigration. Muslim nations are producing birth rates 8 to 1 compared to Christian nations around the globe.

As long as we continue to kill the future children of this nation and deny them the right to even live, our economy is in jeopardy, and the very existence of this nation is in jeopardy.

The Constitutions of the United States and of States across this Nation were written in such a way that they could be improved upon by a moral people or destroyed and trampled upon by an immoral people.

David W. Dobson

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