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Now is the Time to Raise the Standard!

Thank you for visiting the David Dobson HD4 campaign website! I would very much like the opportunity to serve you as your next State House District 4 Representative.

Some of the many Issues I am in favor of are decreasing taxes, increasing jobs, growing our economy, freedom in education, responsible energy development, choice in real and affordable healthcare, and our second amendment right to keep and bear arms.

I am in favor of protecting and defending the Constitutions

of both Colorado and the United States of America.

I am:

For Future Generations, Traditional Family Structure,

and Religious Freedom

Without these, what is there to protect and defend?

Watch David in this Denver Decides / Channel 8 TV

Candidate Introduction

I was born the youngest of seven children and the first American in my family. I had a wonderful childhood and I have a great family. I thank God I was born in America as I have enjoyed many privileges I may not have otherwise known. My wife and I now have two grandchildren who are enjoying their childhood. However, at this time in American history it is apparent that our future is in jeopardy. We are now being asked, encouraged, and coerced to accept and approve of every sort of destructive policy. This does not bode well for future generations and Colorado is at the forefront of this onslaught. Together we can turn back the tide of the agenda to remake America.

Do you live in House District 4?

Watch David as he engages in a debate with his opponent in the race for Colorado State House District 4 

We can't afford two more years of destructive and dangerous legislation.

There are Many Important Issues. However,

Our Foundation has Cracks in it and it is about to Crumble Under Our Feet!

Support the David Dobson HD4 Campaign. We Can Do Better.

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